You’ve probably seen plenty of adult sites over the last few years that are quite vanilla and standard – today I’m going to take you to a place with a little more extremity. See, Pure Taboo is all about family-only fucking, but they want it to be wild and hardcore in nature. What are you likely to see inside here? I’m talking rough double penetration, bukkake parties, extreme bondage, and anal pounding. This is why this adult drama is so popular in Korea. You’ll also notice that Pure Taboo has this type of filter that they adopt for their videos similar to something your girlfriend would chuck up on Instagram – it’s quite harsh but makes the sets feel, I dunno, Edwardian? If you’ve ever seen Sherlock Holmes or Peaky Blinders, it’s that aesthetic.

The trailer of new video with Gwen Vicious:

SCENE OPENS on Tara (Gwen Vicious), who sits at her desk in class, writing on a piece of paper. She is the only student in the classroom and her teacher, Seth Gamble, sits at his desk in front of her. The silence is interrupted by a knock at the door. Both Tara and Seth look up to see Principal Stirling Cooper standing in the doorway. He’s stopped in for a seemingly normal inspection.

Principal Cooper walks over to Tara and moves behind her, leaning down to look at her assignment over her shoulder. But while it appears to Tara that he is inspecting her work, unbeknownst to her, Cooper is actually inspecting Tara physically, looking creepily at her body. Tara doesn’t notice but Cooper softly sniffs her neck.

Finally, Principal Cooper rises. Tara absentmindedly touches her neck where he just sniffed her, still not realizing what just happened. He walks to the front of the class, approaching Seth and motioning for the teacher to join him in a private conversation. An understanding – something sinister and forbidden – passes between the men as they look at each other and slowly begin to grin.

‘She is…PERFECT,’ Cooper whispers.

Seth and Principal Cooper approach Tara’s desk, looming on either side of her. They insist that they want to be her friends. The atmosphere quickly becomes uncomfortable and it doesn’t take long for Seth and Principal Cooper to make their intentions for Tara clear.

When Tara refuses their advances and threatens to tell people what they did, the men point out that no one will believe her since she is a known liar. Finally, she agrees to do what they want.

A girl like Tara is easy pickings for twisted men like Seth and Principal Cooper…